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Don’t forget to step out after the jump…

' When you start diving over the fences like that , you need to recover with your upper body not your reins'

Two lessons since my last post. My last lesson was a mere two hours ago though so it is still fresh in my mind.

Teddy warmed up rather well , and even though there were a few moments where I could feel him get stuck and not listening to my leg , he was much better. It will be one of our last rides outside until next spring, and I’m kind of glad. For jumping today he was super and I… wasn’t but still better.

I’m working really hard on my release right now and getting down into my lower leg without rocking back into the saddle. Aka. Grabbing mane :) It’s working and my horse loves me off his face (obviously) so it really doesn’t bother me much at all.

Hoping to get a quiet flat ride in by myself Friday night however we will see !



"Continue through the corner, and as you turn find your rhythm and stick with it. Relax a little through your elbows and don’t let your upper body get ahead of yourself."

My lesson yesterday was a big leap in the right direction, Simple exercises to strengthen my legs and to keep my calves on my side instead of clamping my thighs and gripping.

Teddy was super , and by the end I felt much more confident in my ride.

Today I rode Fiona , She was also really good and I tried to apply the same concept towards jumping with her.

- M 


I can tell that he is finally feeling at home. In my company he is calm and kind. He is willing and confident , yet not overly aggressive in doing so. He watches closely however is no longer skeptical. The time passes and it is just the two of us. He is my horse. And now , I am his best friend.

Nothing new ,

Last week was a non event , just like this has been so far. I rode Teddy once or twice and lunged him in the ‘rig’ , Basically the Pessoa.

One thing I am really happy that I learned was how to leave my horse a lot and groom him if I know I will be too tired to give him the good job riding he deserves.

Love him 

Well… Here Goes.

I was asked by an enthusiastic anonymous person to start devoting the same sort of time towards updating this blog with Teddy information , similar to what I had done in the past with Lenny.

Well. Teddy is my horse and I’ve had him for about 8 months now.

He really is too smart for his own good , but I have not one complaint about it. He has an opinion but one that I understand. He is a lot like me. He just might be more talented. Ha. Ha.

This season we were able to show in the 3’3 Hunters , the 1.0 Jr. Am Jumpers (both on the canadian ‘b’ circuit) and the .90 Jr. Am Jumpers on the Ontario ‘a’ circuit.  I can honestly say that I love the hunters more because it is more comfortable for me and not so high stress. That being said Teddy is enjoying his jumper debuts a lot more and that is what I have to focus on.

It can be really hard because he was bought initially as an investment purchase. I was hoping to buy him and then resell at a later date. I just feel for the most part he is too good for me to sell. I am not sure if I will find a more capable horse that will put up with me other than him! :)

This is more like a ‘Hi I’m Back’ Post , I don’t think I will include much more than this for today , but will add something for if I jump school this week and then maybe again something else if I work on something special in one of my rides flatting.

- M 

So apparently my horse might go show the derbies this year. Who knows anymore b/c one say he’s on it , the next he’s a crazy horse. W/E I love him.